How much lighting does one apartment want?

When I was apartment hunting, I saw a lot of houses that were too dark plus would need extra lighting, then i felt appreciate iI was in a mausoleum, the one apartment was so dark, then even with all the oddities of the houses, there was one that stood out in our mind, plus I will never forget! This apartment had so much lighting that it was blinding.

The owners had recessed lighting along the walls, which was really nice, however there were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, sconce lights in the doorways plus extra lighting over all the fixtures.

I liked a lot of lighting over our bedroom counters, however there was so much lighting that I had to wear sunglasses while inside the house. I looked at our fiance plus asked how much lighting does one apartment need? This may have been nice if they had little natural light, however there was natural lighting coming from the skylights in every room, plus there were windows everywhere. This apartment must have been an electrician’s dream come true. The light bulbs alone would cost a fortune to update. I asked why they were selling the house, plus the person told myself and others they were getting older. They had no grandkids that visited, plus she could not take care of the house, then when she told myself and others her husband was an electrician, it was simple to understand why there was so much lighting in the home, however as an electrician, he had to keep busy, even if he was retired. The two of us didn’t buy the house, however it was worth the experience just to go see it.
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