I thought the majority Heating and Air Conditioning advertising was word of mouth.

I was of an age where most of the advertising a company did was a word of mouth, then i remember when our dad started his Heating and Air Conditioning dealer, he would go from house to house and hand out company cards; He also handed out coupons for free service, or for free replacement if they needed a new Heating and Air Conditioning system, or just an a/c device or gas furnace, and last week, I knew I needed to some Heating and Air Conditioning advertising, but things had changed from the time our father opened the Heating and Air Conditioning company until he sold it to me.

I knew that advertising was done online now, and not all word of mouth.

I worked difficult to keep our father’s company alive, however I needed some help. I called a neighbor who had a plumbing dealer. I remembered how he needed advertising done for his dealer. He had called an online SEO dealer. They did web development and inspected their ad campaigns. He told myself and others he had a company card if I ever wanted some help with the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. I called him up, and he provided myself and others all the information I needed. He told myself and others they had a plumbing department, and he was sure they would have an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist! Once I called, I got a lot of information on how to do online SEO and the best way to arena ads. The best area was that the online SEO company handled everything for me. I wonder if our dad ever provided any thought to advertising on the internet. He’s much smarter than I ever thought, and for all I knew, he may have already worked with an online SEO dealer.