I was searching for some good interior design help.

When I went to the furniture expo, I was told there would be many interior designer in the building, and i was hoping I could not just see the new type furniture I would be getting in the furniture store, although I wanted to get some good interior design help, and my furniture showroom wasn’t getting much attention lately.

I hoped that with some good interior design help, I could find new ways to showcase the furniture and help it sell.

I wanted to deliver interior design help to our customers so they can picture what the furniture is going to look like in their homes. I had been arranging furniture in collections for years, however it wasn’t working. I wanted to set up vignettes that showed mixed styles of furniture that formed a cohesive and pleasing atmosphere. I had once considered going to school for interior design, however it wasn’t in our budget at the time, but now, I was relegated to selling furniture and hoping for interior design help. I found one interior designer and he asked what kind of information I was looking for. I told his about our vignette scenarios and he smiled. I found out he lived about more than nine miles from our furniture store, but he provided to come to the furniture store and deliver me a lot of interior design help. She didn’t have a shop yet, however told me he could company if our customers like his interior designs, and I would sell furniture and learn how to do what he did at the same time. It was a match made in at an expo.

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