Installing an air purification system in an old house

I got my firstborn while my partner and I were both in college, and we left our son with my parents.

We just needed to cover one thing in that house to help with indoor comfort, install an air purification system.

While dad had invested in a quality HVAC unit, the house was old, and now and then, we’d experience air quality issues. While routine HVAC maintenance constantly improved the situation, we needed to do something more because there’d be an infant in the house. We called the local HVAC company, which sent their HVAC technician to assess the home and recommend the best way forward. The inspection included the ductwork, which needed some duct cleaning before any other work was done. The local contractor did a fast track with the required permits for us to integrate one of the best air quality systems in the industry that was available at our local HVAC company. Within a month, the HVAC professional had installed everything, including a HEPA air filter which we were assured would improve the efficiency of the entire system. After years of staying with the same HVAC system and routine services, everyone suddenly wanted the old house to get an upgrade because a child was coming. I would have been paranoid about my baby’s respiratory health if we hadn’t done anything about the house. Still, with the upgrade, I felt confident enough to keep schooling without worrying about the little things. It was also a benefit for my parents, who are getting more vulnerable as they age, so it was for everyone. One thing we made sure to do since we wouldn’t be home a lot, we enlist HVAC home service from the heating company to help my parents with the monthly maintenance.



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