Is my ductwork really that ratty?

I was hearing the air hiss every time the furnace turned on.

  • There was less heat coming through the air vents, and I knew my furnace was running for longer periods of time.

I told the HVAC company receptionist that I wanted someone to inspect my furnace and do a good inspection of the ductwork. I was hoping I needed repairs to the furnace, but I was sure I was going to need to replace the ductwork. When the HVAC technician was done with his inspection, he told me I had holes in that ductwork that were so big, a small rat could get through. I cringed, thinking I had rats in the house. I asked if my ductwork was really that ratty. He said there were no rats yet, but that was how big some holes were. Most of my heat was escaping into the basement, and anywhere else where the holes were. He told me I had to replace the entire ductwork system, which was going to be quite expensive. I didn’t even want to think about the cost. He explained how they now made a flex pipe ductwork. It was flexible and took up less room that the metal ductwork. The cost was almost half of what it would be to make the metal ductwork and it didn’t rust through. I liked the thought of flex pipe ductwork, and asked when he could have it installed. He measured up the amount of flex pipe I would need and gave me a quote for the ductwork and the installation. Although it was still wildly expensive, it was a lot cheaper than traditional metal ductwork.

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