My pot dealer became an actual heating and A/C tech

Before Sisco was our own a/c tech, she was our pot dealer. I’ve known him for several years, and at first it was just a business relationship. Slowly it evolved into a friendly, however recently it has gone back to being a business relationship. Sisco was the category of girl who worked 3 jobs, and sold weed on the side to make ends meet. After buying cannabis from him for a while, Sisco and I entirely hit it off and started hanging out together. That’s when I found out that and her jobs and her weed business, she was taking night classes to learn heating and A/C repair. She wanted to acquire a certification in heating and A/C work so she could get a better job and quit everything else she was doing. I came to find out that the heating and A/C industry is one of the best-paying fields in the country for people without a college degree. Anyone with the time and dedication can work to achieve an actual heating and A/C certification, and then they have a lot of options for employment. I was entirely too cheerful for Sisco, because she wanted to provide a stable life for her daughter, however I didn’t want him to stop selling weed because of her heating and A/C work. Once she earned that heating and A/C certification she stopped selling marijuana… to everyone else however me! Now Sisco is also our official heating and cooling repair tech, and every time she comes over for a repair call she brings some cannabis for me. It’s so nice to have a girl who’s a friend, a dealer, and an actual heating and A/C tech.

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