My temper was rising along with the heat

I had repairs done on my furnace just three weeks ago, and once again there was something wrong.

It was getting hot in my house, because the furnace wouldn’t quit running. The HVAC technician told me he had put a new igniter in the furnace, and it was supposed to be a good one. He had replaced the igniter two months ago, when winter started. Three weeks ago, he replaced the igniter again, and he was back now. I was tired of coming home to a house where the furnace never turned off and it was eighty-five degrees. I wanted to turn the thermostat up, not turn it down. Even turning the thermostat down wasn’t going to help. If we shut the furnace off, we wouldn’t get the igniter lit again. We had to let the furnace run until the HVAC company got a new igniter and put it in the house. When I tell the story, it sounds funny, but it really isn’t. My temper was rising along with the heat. I called the HVAC company and told them the igniter switch broke again. It took my husband almost thirty minutes to get it relit, and we didn’t want to turn it back off. It was worse going with no heat when it was twenty degrees outside. Instead, we were sitting in our home, feeling like a turkey must feel when it is being slowly roasted. The HVAC technician told me it would take two days to get the new ignition switch. I told him he had two hours to get to the house and fix it, or I was going to call the owner of the HVAC company. This whole thing was beyond ridiculous.

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