New employees right out of HVAC school

I’ve had some of the same employees for the past 5 years.

  • When I started our business, I hired two gentlemen to work with me.

One was another woman that worked at the previous company where I was employed and another was a friend of my sisters. Both of those workers have been with me for a long time. I also hired two additional gentlemen a couple of years ago. Last year I hired one more person to work with us. I have had the same crew for a while, but recently I decided to shake things up and hire two new employees. The employees that I have have been slacking off and going slow. They have been taking their jobs for granted and I want them to know that I am looking for an employee that will work hard and put the company first. I know the new employees will really drive up morale. I decided to hire two people that are right out of school. Both are seriously smart plus will need to ride around with one of our heating and air conditioning maintenance professionals for a while. That will really cause a little bit of a stir. If the new heating and air conditioning maintenance professionals learn their job quickly, I’m going to need to find a place for them on the payroll and that means that I’m only going to be giving hours to the people that are working hard. I really hope my employees were paying attention when I told them that things were going to change around here in the future. Everyone is too comfortable.


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