Oil furnace keeping us all warm

Every one of us just began the month of March plus the weather is finally going to beginning shifting to the higher section of the thermometer finally.

It has been freezing here since the beginning of September plus I am ready for some warmer weather.

My hands plus feet have been frozen for the past several months plus I am ready for them to beginning thawing out again. I get exhausted of wearing all of these layers of Winter time clothes plus taking them off plus on each time I come home plus leave. Summer is nice because I wear shorts plus have a/c in our flat to keep us all cool, then i do a lot less laundry in the summertime plus it is a lot easier for myself and others because all of us have no dryer plus I have to hang them on the rooftop. The mini break air conditioner in our home office keeps myself and others nice plus cool while also keeping the air quality great because of the HEPA filter it has in it. I prefer how it makes a nice humming sound too, which drowns out the sound of the people celebrationing in the bar next to our building. It can get kind of loud there at night, but with an media media air cleaner plus a small cooling system component for pale white noise, I hardly hear a thing the whole Summer season. This year is going to be great because all of us are going to be playing songs a lot plus it should be packed here for the summer, so all of us can make a great amount of money while having fun.

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