The deep fryer wrecked the indoor air conditions

Since I like to cook, and I like greasy unhealthy fast food, our fiance offered me a deep fryer for Christmas.

It fits on a countertop, however works the same way as the immense fryers these use in restaurants. I also got a cookbook for recipes called “taste-alikes” which are cabin versions of all the best fast food recipes. I guess how to make McDonald’s fries and deep fried burritos at the cabin now! As much as I like it, there is one problem with this fryer. It causes a heck of a odor, and impacts the indoor air conditions of the home in a major way. The ventilation plan in our dining room is honestly old, and I have come to learn that it works honestly poorly. I even got up on the roof to check the exhaust vent over the dining room ceiling, and found a birdie’s nest in it. After that our fiance called the local heating and A/C business and asked for a ventilation expert to inspect our dining room. She knew our willingness to try fixing things myself, and didn’t want me to destroy the ventilation plan or myself by trying to be helpful. An heating and A/C expert came over the next day, and advocated an honestly current range hood and exhaust vent. Since the HVAC duct over the dining room had never been cleaned out it was utterly ruined. She explained that if we got a current ventilation plan we could do a HVAC duct cleaning once a year and that it would work basically forever. With all this various fried foods, we also may need to clean the HVAC duct twice a year.

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