The snow was more than the furnace could handle.

The last storm was more than our furnace could handle.

  • We had nearly five feet of snow in less than 48 hours, and we couldn’t get out of the house to dig our way out.

It was unusual to have this much snow in March, but that much snow in two days was practically unheard of. I was glad for the snow when our furnace died. The snow acted as insulation, and it took a while longer for all the heat to leave the house. When the heat finally died, we were able to climb out a window and get to the snow shovels. This way, we could get some wood into the house and light the fireplace. Nearly everyone in our area had a fireplace or an alternative form of heat that didn’t involve electricity. It was nothing to go without electricity for several days, but when the temperature where near zero, you needed heat to live. Our fireplace would keep us warm, but we needed to get to the wood shed to bring wood into the house. My son worked twelve hours to shovel the twelve feet where the wood shed was located, and the twelve from the back of the house to the porch. I brought the wood in, and we had the fireplace lit within half an hour. I’m not sure what I would have done if my son hadn’t lived next door. Once he was able to get the snow blower out of his garage, he was ready for any storm. He chose to get us plowed our first and get our fireplace started, before doing his home.

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