The twin HVAC brothers are back to work again

A few minutes later our father walks in

6 am is too early for my alarm to go off. I’m already in the office and today I get to see my brother Mark back at our HVAC company. I’m very excited to see him and I hope he got me a souvenir! I really don’t care if he got me one though but just having my brother back out in the field working on people’s heating and cooling needs with me is something I have been missing the last 2 weeks. I hear him walk in and I hear him yell, “Hello!” I welcomed him back with a big high five and said you have been missed. Also, we have some work to do already. Mark then said, “I started yesterday on Mrs. Swanson’s furnace and Charlie’s smart thermostat.” Mark continues to tell me he just got back yesterday and he already was put to work so he didn’t have time to settle back in for today. I was a little upset for him because he wasn’t supposed to technically start back today and they should’ve reached out to me but they didn’t. I told Mark just to take his time this morning because we really don’t have much to do until 10 am. A few minutes later our father walks in. Mark seemed a bit confused and asked if he just got in. I told Mark that our dad has been here for a few days now and he has helped me out a bit with our HVAC business. Dad smiled and said, “Hey Mark, I have been waiting to see you.”


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