Are you sure you’re calling the right Heating plus A/C company?

I called the Heating plus A/C company to get my air conditioning unit cleaned before summer, when I called, I asked for Henry, henry had been our Heating plus A/C professional for almost twenty years, plus I loved talking to him & he did an excellent job! The woman I was talking to asked if I was sure I was calling the right Heating plus A/C company! She they didn’t have a Henry there, plus didn’t know if there ever was a Henry in the company.

She sounded young, so I asked how long she had worked for the company? She told me she had been there for six months, however her dad owned the company; I asked if I could talk to her father? She said he was busy, however if I offered her my name, she would have him call me back. I offered her the name plus the cellphone number. Ten minutes later, I got a cellphone call from the Heating plus A/C company! All I heard was a person laughing plus he asked how I was doing. I was sure I was talking to Henry, however the girl said I would be talking to the owner of the Heating plus A/C company. He told me it was Henry, plus he bought the Heating plus A/C company about three years ago. He only went on maintenance calls when it was someone he considered a friend. I congratulated him on the ownership of the Heating plus A/C company plus apologized for bothering him. He said he would be at the dwelling in an hour. We talked for about an hour when he got there. I asked why his child didn’t know he was Henry. He said she was a twit, however then he laughed. His real name was Harmon, but he hated the name plus typically called himself Henry.

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