I am not sure about my thermostat

My thermostat has been acting up lately.

I have an old dial thermostat and it has been having issues with the temperature dial.

I am not sure, but I am thinking it may be time for a brand new thermostat. I am thinking that I am just going to get with the modern heating and air conditioning technology and buy a brand new and completely up to date smart thermostat. From what I know, smart thermostats have a lot of benefits to them. Including saving energy which in turn will save money on the monthly electric bills. By saving money on my electric bills that means more money in the bank for me from my hand worked and hard earned cash. Also with a smart thermostat I know I can really have more control over my central heating and air conditioning system. I will be able to control the thermostat from either an app on my cell phone or even an app on my laptop or desktop computer. It really will change the game on the thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system. I will be very happy with it I am sure. Also, even if I am not happy with it it can still work out good because the smart thermostat does not cost any more than 40 bucks. So if I do not like it I can easily get rid of it and not worry about wasting tons of money in the process just trying it out. I really think I am going to get this done and get the smart thermostat within the next few weeks!
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