Money back for the space heating system is great

The last time I went to the outlet store to buy a portable space heating system I bought one that had a major defect in it.

The portable space heating system seemed to have had a weak fan in it which resulted in the portable space heating system not heating the room properly.

So right then and there I knew I had to bring it back to the store because I was not going to rest there with a broken and rickety portable space heater! When I took it back to the store I was expecting there to be a sizable issue with returning it and getting a replacement that easily worked. However, much to our surprise the person at the client service department was really helpful to myself and others returning the portable space heating system and having a new one issued to myself and others for free without any additional cost. I had hoped that it would be a working one, and what do you know? It too had the same issue! I simply could not guess our luck. I feel this particular brand of portable space heating system just was not working right and had a major awful batch come in from the factory. So I returned this particular one as well and they did not guess it either, literally! They thought I was crazy until I had them plug it in and try it themselves. They too could not guess it was the same as I was. At this point after proving the facts, I got them to supply myself and others our cash back all together and I was just going to go to another outlet store and buy a weird brand now.

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