My boyfriend wanted to be an HVAC technician.

My boyfriend had recently graduated from college, but he was having no luck getting a job.

No one had picked him up for an apprenticeship, or any other job position. He looked defeated and told me he should just be an HVAC technician. His father had always wanted to become an HVAC technician and join the family business, but he wanted something else. I told him he shouldn’t give up yet, but he felt defeated. He said he was going to work as an HVAC technician until he got a position in one of the local law offices. He took his recert classes and got his certification. Within three weeks, he was working at his father’s HVAC company. It surprised me that he got his HVAC certification so quickly. I thought it took months and sometimes years to get certified for HVAC. He told me that when he graduated high school, all he had to do was take his certification test. He had taken all the HVAC classes when he was still in high school. He worked for his dad as an HVAC technician until he went to college, and he worked there during the summers. Going back to being an HVAC technician was simply a matter of paperwork. When he talked to his dad about coming back to the HVAC company, his dad told him no. He had enough HVAC technicians now, and he wanted Steve to go out and start actively looking for a job in one of the many law offices in our area. He wanted his son to be a lawyer and not just an HVAC technician.