Portable furnace keeps me comfy

I live with a family with whom I rent out 1 of their rooms.

They are particularly nice in addition to I pretty much can do anything as long as late in the evening I’m not super loud.

I sometimes eat dinner with them or do things with them however overall I basically do my own thing. I can also say that I’m not here often, however it’s nice that I have a site, although it’s just a kitchen, it’s still better than what most people have; So I will never complain about that. The only major issue I have residing there is that the temperature control isn’t exactly to my liking. Recently I bought a small portable space oil furnace because it was pretty frigid in my room. I can’t exactly mess with the temperature controls because it’s not my house. I used 2 or sometimes 3 blankets to keep myself comfy in the evening. I asked if they didn’t mind if I bought a portable space oil furnace so I can keep more control of the temperature of my room in addition to they agreed with me. They said if the electric bill raises a bit, they might ask myself and others to pay a tad more, however overall it was mostly fine. They still want myself and others to live in comfort, which is nice that I have that. I will never complain about anything. There really isn’t anyplace else to go in addition to I’m particularly young in addition to just graduating from university. I assume when my career takes off in addition to if I can afford it I will help this great family in any way I can. They have supported myself and others this far in addition to I will show them my gratitude. Hopefully, sooner than later.
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