Teaching my child to take care of the heating and A/C system

This week’s lesson for my child is how to take care of your central heating and air conditioner. My child is 16 now and she is becoming more and more independent. I’m also undoubtedly proud of him because I can see him blossoming into a charming young woman. I’m also undoubtedly happy for her future and I’m proud of how she’s doing so far; however, he’s been asking me a lot of questions lately about how to do certain things… She wants to finally assume so that when she does transport out she knows how to take care of unusual things around the house. She knows all the basics of course, however think it or not she didn’t assume how to change the heating and air conditioner plan filter! This also surprised me because I thought her father had taught him although I think not, so the task was up to me so I showed him how I changed out the filter and I explained the importance of why you should change your air filter frequently; that’s because if you do not change out your air filter frequently then it’s going to collect dust and dirt and become restrained and that could impact your air quality… Believe it or not your air quality can absolutely make you sick if you have undoubtedly bad quality indoor air, so taking care of your heating and A/C plan is important for multiple reasons. He’s also such a fast learner as well because when I showed him how to change the air filter and how to schedule appointments with heating and A/C suppliers and how you should take care of your heating and A/C plan she picked it all up honestly suddenly. She feels really confident now that she could change the air filter and schedule a heating and A/C appointment all by himself.


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