The thermostat had a mind of its own

In the realm of heating plus A/C, there was a thermostat that had had enough of being clogged by the heating plus A/C specialist, then so it went rogue one day plus began messing with the temperature settings in the heating plus A/C system, but the heating and A/C tech could not figure it out, plus the heating plus A/C business was losing shoppers left and right since no one wants to be trapped in a sauna or an icebox.

In the middle of the day, the thermostat began to play Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at full volume.

The thermostat knew it had won when most people began to dance to the beat, as the beat decreased, the temperature rose plus fell, and most people began to sweat plus freeze. The heating plus A/C specialist was working his tail off attempting to repair the system, and the heating plus A/C business was losing money swiftly. But then something strange began to happen, customers who had before been miserable began to smile and dance to the beat of the “thriller dance.” The heating plus A/C business’s executives noticed what was going on plus decided to join in on the fun. They danced with their shoppers, plus the thermostat was overjoyed. I had never before seen so many people grin. The heating plus A/C specialist eventually adjusted the system, and the temperature stabilized. But the “thermostat thriller” remained in people’s minds. Clients began to return, and the heating plus A/C business became known for its ability to make an unpleasant situation enjoyable. Therefore, the next time your thermostat acts up, instead of getting furious, try dancing! You never know what type of delight you are going to have.


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