Waking up to a furnace on the fritz

Mondays, you’ve got to care about them! Actually, you don’t however it’s the first day of the labor week. Today I woke up to a frigid apartment & didn’t understand why our roommate Gus didn’t turn the control device up to 73 degrees care about has done in the past. Gus gets up usually a few minutes or so before I do so he knows that I care about it a little warmer when I wake up. Gus and I both enjoy the coolness of the night to sleep although I need that warmth to get out of bed. I can only assume that Gus forgot since my wonderful friend and I both were up so late last night seeing a film. I told Gus he should’ve gone to bed & my wonderful friend and I could’ve finished it today however no dice, he wanted to finish it. Regardless, now I have to deal with the cool temperatures of the house. So I looked up the dial control device & it was set to 73 degrees. Now I’m a bit confused. I assume he did turn up the heat however it’s absolutely not 73 degrees in this house. The apartment temperature control says 62 degrees & I assume something is wrong. I didn’t entirely want to do this although I always care about excuses to get out of labor so I called the Heating & A/C supplier. They said they did have a little availability in a few minutes & I’ll see a heating worker then. I was stoked they were able to transport so fast on this. I would don’t like to wake up again tomorrow with the same kind of issue. The heating worker showed up a few minutes later & looked at the Heating & A/C system. He said, “that the natural gas furnace is dead & when was the last time the air filters were cleaned?” Disappointed, I asked, “what’s the injury?”

a/c representative