Boss finally replaced the A/C

There was a wall mounted air conditioner system in my office’s conference room that always seemed to have something or another wrong with it.

It became the butt of many jokes throughout the office.

HVAC technicians would come in for 15 minutes at a time at regular intervals, but there always seemed to be persisting problems with the HVAC system. One day, we got sick of the fact that once again, it was blowing hot air instead of cold air, so we talked to our boss about the air conditioner and asked him why it kept breaking down. He did not want to admit it, but we later found out that the system was very old and on its way out for quite some time, but he did not want to pony up the money to replace it. It took us complaining to him directly for him to replace it, though. The very next Monday that we came in for a meeting in the conference room there was a brand new model of air conditioner in the room. The air conditioner worked very nicely throughout that week. We felt a clear and distinct difference in how cool it was in the conference room. Trouble was, the air conditioner developed a refrigerant leak the very next week! I don’t know what it is with this place and air conditioners breaking down, but it’s getting old! The leak was addressed, but I really hope that the hole was genuinely patched and the HVAC technician did not simply recharge the freon without plugging the hole in the refrigerant line.

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