Corporate apartment vs hotel rooms

Over the last 3 years, I have observed that the average price of hotels has been skyrocketing.

I used to be able to get a decent ocean view hotel room with a small kitchen for approximately 250 dollars.

Today, a similar room is almost 400 dollars plus there have been no replacements done or additional amenities added. This room is a suite which means it’s much larger than the average hotel room plus it does come with a kitchen plus a small separate bedroom. Although the suite is much better than the average hotel room, nothing can beat renting a corporate apartment. I was first introduced to using corporate rentals by one of my supplier buyers who described the apartments as property away from my home. Of course, when compared to a hotel room, a corporate rental will be better. For one, there is much more living space in a corporate apartment. In addition, there are less people around as most hotels are constantly so busy with people constantly checking in plus out! But the nicest part about a corporate home is that it works out to be less high-priced than the hotel suite. I can rent a honestly nice corporate home for 2,500 dollars per month plus if I were to rent a hotel room with the same amenities, it would cost almost 3 times that amount. Moreover, corporate apartments have similar amenities as any hotel room, plus at times, the amenities are better. Of course, hotel rooms are still valuable since they are better for short-term stays. But if I had the choice, I would opt for getting a corporate rental over a hotel room.

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