Down to the heater filter

I’ve been away from my family and hometown now for almost four months and it feels like my family is slipping out of my life.

I used to go to mom’s house for dinner every Tuesday, but now it seems like a long distance memory and something that will never happen again on a regular basis.

We would eat dinner and then take a long beach walk for an hour while the sun was setting, and oh how I wish I could take one more beach walk with momma while she is still around. I’m here as an HVAC tech working for the local contractor and pursuing my musical aspirations, and I will have to stay here if those dreams are going to come true. I could move back home and get in that rat race again of chasing money and driving my car for hours a day to get around, but it is really tough to do music at night and work all day to stay afloat. I was spending like $450 a month on my heating and cooling bills alone, and that doesn’t count all the other bills that get piled on at the end of the month. My air conditioned car was costing me about the same each month, or more if you add in the car payment, and working for the local contractor was consuming all of my time and energy. Now I work part time and ride my bike to get around, which is nice because it is free and my climate control is also free too.

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