Dryer vent cleaning is too hard for me to do

My dryer is such a mess.

The way it is vented makes for a difficult cleaning process.

I need to take apart my daughters closest to access a portion of it. Also, to get the exterior vent on the side of the house, I need to hang out the bathroom window with a broom. Needless to say, I don’t do a very good job. I am constantly worried about the system overheating and causing a fire. I finally decided that I needed a professional to do my dryer vent cleaning. They had lifts and tools to take care of it. The dryer vent cleaning service was so easy and quite cheap. They just came in, got on a lift to access the vent and cleaned it right up. They didn’t even need to get into my daughter’s closet. The dryer works so much better now. I think I am going to do a dryer vent cleaning maintenance plan. I want them to come in two times a year to do the service. Yes, it is something I can technically do. I can’t do it safely or as well. I also hate doing the job. Having a professional clean it just makes me feel much more relaxed. Also, it makes sense to hire out something. Professional cleaners just do it better. I can’t be expected to clean to the same level with a broom and sometimes duct tape stuck to the end. I also hate tipping out of the bathroom window. I am really afraid of falling out of my head one of these days.

Vent Cleaning