Eleven ductless mini split units

This flat is turning into a buddhist monastery.

  • We just got our bamboo wind chimes, which fits in well with our buddha statue, candles, yoga mat, and incense.

We also have the three chill cats walking around the flat and buddhist flutes playing on the speaker in the background. We have bamboo wood floors throughout and a nice spacious lounge area where you can relax on the sofa while petting the cats. I have some djembe drums and a ukulele to top off the musical instruments for The Monastery and the place just vibrates with a slow relaxed energy. We run the climate control system all the time to keep the air quality good in this place and also to keep the noise out from any people outside who may be loud or partying. It is a pretty quiet town but there are a few bars within earshot, so keeping the windows closed keeps that noise outside. We go to sleep with the a/c on 67F so that our bodies relax better without tossing and turning from not having any air conditioning at all. Sleep is a big priority in The Monastery and we take it seriously and get to bed early each night so that our bodies get proper rest and relaxation. We have HEPA filters in the stove exhaust so that when we cook our healthy natural food the air quality doesn’t get lowered from particles in the cooked food. We drink filtered water with lemon to keep our bodies alkalized so that we don’t get too much acidity. Life in The Monastery is a good thing!

Digital thermostat