Have to go without A/C for a while

I tried setting up payment arrangements with my electric company. This worked for a while, but then I got into a car accident. Thankfully, I was perfectly fine, as was the person who hit me, but this unforeseen financial burden easily knocked me off my balance when it came to my budget. I haven’t had the best financial situation for the past few years, so I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck. Now I’m facing down having to go without electricity or water for an entire week! I’m actually lucky that it won’t end up being longer. My service will get shut off for a week and then I will be able to pay to have it turned back on. Being without an air conditioner is my chief concern. I can always go back to Mom and Dad’s to do my laundry and take a shower, but I will ultimately have to sleep in the heat of my own home. Without an air conditioner, I will have to ramp up the use of my ceiling fans for sure! I’ll be wearing much more lightweight clothing as well. I’ll probably go around in nothing but shorts on some days this week for sure! At least I also have a fan for my room in the evenings. The air that it will blow will not be the coolest, but it’s something. Without an air conditioner I will also have to make sure that all blinds and curtains are closed and drawn during the day to keep out that sunlight. I will be in heaven when that air conditioner finally kicks back in after I pay my bill!


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