He knows that his existing heating and AC system is not going to work

Andrew wants to build an addition on his property this year, however he knows that his existing Heating and A/C system is not going to work when he puts extra square footage onto the beach house.

It’s one of those things that Andrew has been thinking about doing for a long time, however now it seems like it’s going to be so much more involved than he originally thought it would be.

Andrew actually used to think that it would be an easy thing to just build some extra walls onto the property and throw in some carpet and some paint. After that, he would be done. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case now. He found out that the Heating and A/C system that he currently has in the property is just not going to be efficient enough to handle any extra space that he might build onto the house. The people who Andrew is working with at the Heating and A/C business told him this news and he wasn’t happy about it, to tell you the truth. Andrew was thinking that the project was just going to be easy, straightforward, and sort of luxurious. When he got the news from the Heating and A/C serviceman about the Heating and A/C system, that all changed. Now Andrew is going to have to refigure his budget that he had worked out. He is going to have to save even more money so that he will be able to install a second source of heating and cooling in addition to the beach house. It’s going to cost him a lot more.


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