Heating up a grilled cheese

I am crawling through my day so far, which is just the speed I want to go after a crazy day yesterday on the beach for so long. I didn’t feel like playing when I got out there yesterday as I was just not in the mood for beach volleyball against some competitive players. But we only lost our first game as we were cold and not ready to start playing at that level. But once we got warmed up we won all of the rest of our games, with the last one being the pinnacle of the day. HVAC equipment repair this morning was not so easy, but I somehow managed to get all of the ductwork cleaned in my flat and now I am getting my writing work done for the day. I still have two or so hours before I need to be anywhere besides the flat, so I am right on track to getting my work done for the day before running out of time. The HEPA filter in my cooling system needs to be replaced and today I will order one online if the local business doesn’t have any. Actually, I think I will wait and do this tomorrow because today is my day of rest and I want to make sure I recover for some more ball we will be playing in a couple more days. I am heating up a grilled cheese sandwich under the exhaust fan with a HEPA filter in it to keep the smell from the home. I will see you soon.

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