How did you know when your sofa was worn out?

I surprised my sister Jen with a new dining room set for her last birthday, then Jen was so blown away by my gift that she is still thanking me for it. I decided to purchase the dining room set for Jen because her old sofa was worn out, not to mention that the wooden furniture was really dated. Jen had wooden chairs that she had bought from a garage sale, and I suppose Jen received the root beer table from one of her friends. Jen got her sofas from my parents over 5 years ago when they decided to upgrade their space. Well, needless to say, no 2 things matched in her home, everything had its own story and character. And the sofa was quite literally falling apart and needed to go. My parents had the sofa in their loft for almost 15 years, so it was quite old. Most sofas will last for about 20 years, and you’ll know that it’s time to discard them. If the cushions are flat and they no longer give any support, the cushion fabric is worn or ripped in arenas, or the structure of the sofa is weak, then it’s high time to upgrade the sofa with a new one. I didn’t purchase any kind of high-end furniture for Jen instead, I decided to get Jen something that was contemporary and new that would labor better for her 2-dining room condo. I suppose that the contemporary look worked out well and to be honest, any other furniture could have worked for her household because the seasoned stuff needed to go. All in all, Jen enjoyed the thoughtful gift that I got him for her birthday.

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