I didn’t think the space furnace was a good idea

When my roommate mentioned possibly getting a space furnace, I wasn’t so sure.

If I am remembering correctly, I have actually heard of homes burning down because of space heaters.

I mentioned my concerns to my roommate, but they didn’t seem to see an issue. And so they brought an area heater home anyway, despite what I thought. This was definitely pretty frustrating, and I was paranoid for the first few days when she was using the system. But thankfully, so far we haven’t had that many issues. However, one thing that does concern me is my roommate is rather careless with the heating machine. I have more than once caught her leaving the heating device on when she wasn’t around, or sometimes literally using the heating system as a shelf and putting things on it, some of which were clothes, while it is already very heated. This just spells disaster, and now I feel like I have a reason to be paranoid, because I feel like I have to guard this new HVAC machine every moment my roommate is here. I am going to bring this up to her, because this just keeps bothering me. I don’t know if we can live together if she is going to be so reckless. Hopefully she will understand and this won’t lead to a fight, I just want to make sure we both don’t die in a horrible fire disaster, and end up on the news. In the worst case scenario if she doesn’t agree, I could just move out.


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