I perform an annual property inspection on my rentals

I am not a licensed real estate agent, but I do own a few properties that I use for rental income.

  • I have been doing this for about 4 years now, and things have been very lucrative for me.

I have been lucky in finding great tenants who communicate well and who make sure that the properties are well-maintained. In fact, over the years, I have spent very little on property maintenance. Part of that is because of my tenants and the other part is because I always make sure that I perform an annual property inspection to identify any potential issues. As part of that annual property inspection includes HVAC service, a roof and gutter inspection, and I also make sure that the plumbing and the appliances are in working condition. Every person who owns rental property should make it their priority to have an annual property inspection because it could save them some money in the long run. Plus, It is always best to have a good handyman on call as well as a good HVAC tech. Part of owning rental property, there is always something to be fixed. And having these professionals on call to perform repairs is one of the best peace of mind I could ask for. Not only are my tenants happy, but I can rest assured that all my appliances are functioning in the most optimal way. Between the annual property inspection and the professional service repairman, I can rest assured that all my rental properties will be well-maintained. And as long as I can keep my tenants happy, owning rental property will continue to be a lucrative business for me.



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