I thought everyone had zone control

I don’t know if I’m naïve, or spoiled, but I thought everyone had zone control in their homes.

I walked into a friend’s house last week, and I loved how wonderfully warm it was in her living room.

An hour later, I asked if I could use her bathroom. As I walked down the hallway, it seemed to get cooler. I thought they may have turned the thermostat off in that part of the house, so I used the facilities and went back into the living room. I had never been in the house, and I didn’t want to ask a lot of questions, but I was curious. I asked why it was colder at the back of the house. She told me there were no air vents back there, and unless all the doors were open and the ceiling fan on, very little heat or air conditioning made it to those rooms. I asked why zone control wasn’t working, and she didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I told her I thought all homes had thermostats in every room, and an air vent in every room. When she said her father built the house about thirty years earlier, he hadn’t installed zone control. Everyone liked a cold bedroom, and no one complained. If it wasn’t for wanting a warmer bathroom, she wouldn’t have a space heater in there. I was totally dumbfounded, thinking she didn’t have zone control. She chuckled and told me not everyone had zone control in their homes, and I was spoiled if I thought they did.

cooling representative