I used my house as a furnished short-term rental apartment

Very recently, I had to move from the southern part of the country to the Midwest region.

I decided to take this job because I was provided an offer that I could not say no to.

It was a position as a supervisor, where I would have a team of 10 techs reporting directly to me. I was so excited about this big move, however everything manifested so suddenly – way faster than I expected. I went for the interview at the start of December plus by the end of the same month, I was already finalizing plans on how to make the transport seamless. After I explored my options, the one thing that made the most sense to me was to rent my house as a furnished short-term business rental. This meant that I didn’t have to transport all my furniture across the nation. In fact, I didn’t transport anything at all, plus I was able to secure a short term lease with the renter. Renting my house as a furnished short-term rental allowed me to go with only my necessities, which meant that I had honestly few relocation expenses. In fact, I used the relocation stipend that I received from my new company to pay for the corporate home in the current city that I moved to. I chose to rent my own corporate home because I didn’t want to be locked into a long-term or annual lease. Eventually, I would find a current locale to call property in the current city. All in all, everything is working out well plus renting my house as a fully furnished short-term rental was the best decision that I could have made.

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