I was thrilled to get rid of the problematic A/C

Yesterday was the most thrilling day I have had in awhile.

Why? Because I finally got rid of a problematic heating and air conditioning machine.

I have been suffering, and I do mean suffering, with this troublemaking heating and A/C device for several years. The only reason, and I do mean the only reason I put up with this nuisance HVAC device for so long is because of my husband. This air conditioning device and heater has been constantly giving me trouble, always having an issue. Whether it be it breaking down, needing new parts, having a screw or something loose, there was always an issue. By the time it had broken down for the third time, I was ready and eager to get rid of it. My husband didn’t see the big deal and thought it would be a better idea to keep it, he somehow thought that it would save us money. All that thing did was suck money right out of us, like some kind of heating and air conditioning vampire. I hated that HVAC device, and I never thought I could have a piece of HVAC equipment. But anyways, when I got the new HVAC installation in my home, my favorite part was not them installing the new equipment, but them taking the old one out. My husband finally agreed to get rid of it, and I couldn’t be happier. No more worrying about issues, or calling the local A/C corporation, nothing. The new heat and A/C is perfect.

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