I wasn’t originally happy with the fireplace

When my wife announced she bought an electric fireplace, I wasn’t very happy.

I have never cared for fireplaces, I know they make a great heating method for some, but it is just not for me.

I thought that my wife felt the same, but I guess I was wrong. She saw a great potential heating device and something pretty to look at, all I saw was a waste of money. But regardless, she bought it with her own money, so I guess I couldn’t complain. It took close to a week before she had time to set the heating system up, but when she did, she marveled at how great it was. The fireplace was a big ole meh from me. It actually wasn’t until having it a few weeks that I began to realize that it is actually pretty nice. The reason being that our gas furnace isn’t always the best at working, and sometimes it will quit randomly during the winter. Usually turning it off and then turning it back on is enough to get it to start working again. But other times we have to call out a heating and air conditioning serviceman to help fix whatever the problem is. Well, we had that again a couple of days ago, and surprisingly the fireplace kept us warm the entire time. While not as efficient as the gas heater, the fireplace kept us warm enough to where you almost couldn’t notice the difference. The fireplace kept us warm until a HVAC specialist could come out to repair our main heating device.

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