I won a trivia contest with my knowledge of HVAC systems

I was able to win a trivia contest with my knowledge of HVAC systems last week and she was so impressed.

I usually don’t know the answers to many of the questions, but this time I stole the show.

It’s funny because no one else in the entire bar on trivia night knew the answer to this particular question. I have to admit that I was surprised whenever they announced that one of the categories of trivia was going to be about heating and cooling systems. That just happened to be the right night for me to be there because I know everything that there is to know about heating and cooling. I grew up with a family who owned heating and cooling businesses here in town, and I even went to work as a heating and cooling technician when I got out of high school. The question was fairly simple, but I was the only one who seemed to know the answer. Whenever I buzzed in and answered the HVAC question correctly, everyone in the bar cheered and I felt like the smartest person alive! I mean, I guess I take it for granted that everyone knows about HVAC systems the same way that I do, but I guess I was proven wrong that night because nobody but me knew a thing about HVAC systems except for me. We ended up winning the trivia game that night because I got that question right! My friend was so excited about it that she ended up buying me drinks for the rest of the night.
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