In pain but in climate control too

Disclaimer: This story will have no complaining whatsoever. I really can’t stand when people complain and, oh wait, I’m complaining. Ahem. So it is a really nice and sunny day out today and I am going to get my work done happily whilst listening to my favorite relaxing flute music. I am in pain today from playing ball yesterday but I am feeling good about all of the fun we had and connections we made. You really connect with people more deeply when playing sports or doing some kind of performing arts together, as I’ve done both in air conditioned clubs in the big city and on beaches all over the world. I’ve made so many friends from sports and the arts and am grateful I have had the chance to do both, which really doesn’t matter how great you became in either venture. I’ve met a lot of good people at the HVAC business and I have that job to thank as well for connecting me with all of the great HVAC workers and customers. I am now going to focus more on music, as that is something I can do till the end of my life basically. I would love to do shows in heated ski resorts and air conditioned chiringuitos on the beaches of the world. I think this is possible and as long as I keep playing we are heading in the right direction with this band thing we got. We both are HVAC techs and we work for this local contractor, but I think in two years it will be only music full time.

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