Issues with water tank

Last summer, when I used the dining room faucet, I was surprised that the water was scalding hot; I didn’t need to wait for it to boiling up like usual, then the temperature was instantly dangerously hot.

I am particularly thankful one of the teenagers didn’t get burned.

I opened the door to the basement to check on the water pump plus water heating system plus heard the spray of water. Once I descended the stairs, I found the basement flooded due to a ruptured boiling water heater. I found the shut-off plus was able to stop the flow of water. It’s particularly lucky that I caught the complication when I did. The water heating system could have particularly caused a fire. I called a local plumbing supplier plus asked them to send a professional serviceman to the household as soon as possible, however my pal and I went for several hours with no water. My pal and I couldn’t run any of the sinks, flush toilets, take a shower or start up the washing machine. The plumber checked out the situation plus informed me that a modern water heating system was necessary, however he was able to get a modern tank-style heating system installed quite suddenly. The complication was fixed for several months, until I used my dining room faucet plus found that the water was black. I called the same plumbing supplier plus explained the problem. I learned that due to the hardness of our water, the anode rod was overwhelmed with minerals plus particularly worked as a detriment to water quality, removing the anode rod solved the complication however also voided the warranty of the modern water heater.


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