It wowed me to see a portable shower container.

We had been to the same campground every year for the last fifteen years.

My fine friend and I spent several weeks in that campground when our youngsters were little, however they were grown now.

My fine friend and I regularly parked in the same section because it was close to the restrooms, but the only thing I didn’t like about the campground was that my friend and I didn’t have showers or a lot of privacy. My fine friend and I pulled into the campground this year, and it shocked me to see a portable shower container. There were three portable shower containers in the center of the campground, and I had to investigate. My hubby told me my friend and I should wait until my friend and I got unpacked, although I was curious; I told him it would only take a few minutes, kissed on the cheek and left to investigate. I knocked to make sure no one was inside, then slowly opened the door. There was a toilet right inside the door, and the door locked; Next to the toilet was a shower curtain. It was a small shower behind the curtain, however it was fine enough for one lady to get clean. I knew this time I was going to appreciate my camping trip more than I ever had before. Not only did I have my hubby and our youngest kid with me, however there weren’t just restrooms, however a portable shower basket to keep me clean. I wouldn’t need to go to bed smelling of smoke and dead fish! Later that night, my hubby told me she was going to use the restroom before going to bed, but fifteen minutes later, she came back smelling clean, and told me they were nice portable shower containers.

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