Keeping cool in the heat thanks to quality HVAC

It’s not even summer yet, and there has already been an announcement that the country has entered a long-duration drought, along with alerts for wildfires nationwide.

The heat has made my life difficult, and the dry spell has been going on for weeks.

Yesterday, in particular, the air was thick and stifling, and the only relief I could find was by going into my car and turning on the air conditioning. I never thought I would go on a hiking trip in the spring and suffer from this kind of weather, but that’s climate change for you. I’ve recently found out that the demand for HVAC systems has risen considerably over the last couple of weeks. In fact, the demand for cooling systems is so overwhelming that HVAC providers are struggling to keep up and are running out of equipment. As climate change continues to affect the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, it’s becoming increasingly important to have quality HVAC equipment in our homes. So, after enduring the scorching heat of the past few weeks, I decided to finally purchase a zone-controlled HVAC system, which regulates and redirects air to specific areas of the home, allowing me to choose the temperature I want in each room. To make it a sustainable option, I plan to install solar panels on my roof to power my air conditioner. This way, I can take full advantage of the extra sun, cut on energy bills, and minimize the environmental impact.
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