Last cooling system story

I will finish this article plus be done for the day with my writing.

After I finish this I will chill for a bit with my cats plus then do an hour meditation session with my flatmate, followed by a 20 minute yoga session plus then a nap for an hour or so before heading out to play music in the street.

We will play at this church later where there are a lot of tourists plus my pal and I will make some money in the process, which is an added plus to doing something so fun. I toil tomorrow for the Heating, Ventilation and A/C business plus after that I am going to come home plus scrub my furnace filter plus be done with that for another six months. It is almost May now plus my pal and I will be entering the sizzling months for the next four months or so till the temps start to drop plus winter time comes back again, and i’ll scrub my HEPA filter later this week plus get the a/c system ready to roll plus keep us cool for the coming sizzling summer time afternoons. I ran it last night for the first time this year plus it felt great to sleep in a cool room as the temps are starting to creep up to the moderate zone at night. My room is small so having some temperature control in the summer time is a must, plus even now I am finding I have to use it even though it is not even summer time yet. I will just run it at night though because our flat is cool most of the day.


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