Reaching out to help with Heating and A/C issue

I’m not exactly the best when it comes to fixing problems that arise in my home… But most times, I’ll have a look at whatever needs attention to at least see if I can do something on my own; I’ve learned that I can often take a minute to go online and see if I have what it takes to repair something myself! Just kneeling inside the air conditioner watching a few videos online normally shows me just whether or not I’d be getting in over my head.

But when it comes to that air conditioner, this is one thing I don’t mess with, then for one, I’m so not an Heating and A/C contractor, and those folks go through so much training and certification to do just what they are doing; And besides, I paid attention when the Heating and A/C professionals put in the residential Heating and A/C equipment.

This was right after I bought the house. The seller wasn’t interested in doing much of anything before he sold this location. And that was unbelievable for me in the sense that I got a great, unbelievable price on the house. But the other side of that was that I had to handle renovations like replacing the heating and cooling equipment. And I genuinely listened to the Heating and A/C contractor when he told me to learn the Heating and A/C warranty. That’s when it was reinforced that only Heating and A/C professionals touch the Heating and A/C equipment. I tried to pass this along to a acquaintance who had reached out for some help with his air conditioner. I went over to hold the flashlight like a unbelievable acquaintance would do. But all the while, I was trying to convince my acquaintance that he should just opportunity up the iphone and call the Heating and A/C professionals.

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