Residential HVAC hasn’t been around forever

When I came home today, the air conditioning was running. That’s the first time I’ve walked into the house with the air conditioning going after work. Actually, that’s not too bad considering most of my neighbors have had the air conditioning going since mid March. But that sort of goes with territory down here. While you don’t hear the heat pump much during the Winter, I can barely walk out of my home without hearing at least one heat pump. I’m sure glad that I don’t have to pay those sorts of cost when it comes to cooling my house. In our home, we are all native to this region and our families go way back. So we were sort of indoctrinated to the fact that you have to do your part when it comes to dealing with the heat. It can’t all be on the heat pump. That’s why we don’t use the air conditioning much until Summer. Once June rolls around, we’re definitely going to get our fill of cooling comfort. But until then, we like to do without air conditioning as much as possible. This allows our bodies to adjust so we need less air conditioning demand as the Summer heats up. My dad grew up without central air conditioning. In fact, there was no residential HVAC in his home at all. This is something that most people forget. There were people here long before there was a heat pump. However, the heat pump sure has made it easier for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to endure the heat. Even though I’m a native of the region, I don’t think I want to do without my residential HVAC thank you.


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