So happy the heating tech filmed us

I’m so happy to have a really great volleyball captured on camera forever.

I have my comedy shows filmed, and my music shows recorded, but I haven’t had any great volleyball clips, which is a sport I’ve been playing for 31 years now.

These are all the things I love doing, and to grab the volleyball and have it on film now is icing on the cake to a fun life so far. It is nice to watch these things to remind yourself who you are and what you love doing. I don’t have many more years repairing HVAC equipment for the heating supplier I work for, and I don’t want to spend it in pain so I will have to leave volleyball soon as well. I think I can keep playing music for the rest of my life, and hopefully I have 30 years more to go but you just don’t know do ya? The HEPA filter lady that worked with me at the local business just died suddenly without warning, telling me how fragile life really is and how I need to start appreciating the moments in life more. Even if I do live 30 more years, my days of being younger and athletic like this are wearing thin. My HVAC rep dad just left me like that not too long ago, leaving his whole HVAC systems company to us kids soon. I will always remember him and I’ll use his loss to tell me to live life and be courageous because it isn’t going to go on forever. RIP pops.

a/c worker