Sold our house for a bundle with new HVAC

It’s been more than a year now since we moved out of that house

The first time we really started thinking about selling our house was like five years ago. That’s when the kids were all out of the house. At that time, we had two in college and one starting a career. So it was just my wife and I inside the central air conditioning of that house. With all the kids gone, it seemed so vast and empty in that place. And when we looked at things like heating and cooling costs, lawn maintenance and other fixed costs, it seemed like too much for just us. Still though, we didn’t do anything really until the real estate market went crazy. And even then, we didn’t get serious about it until we began fielding calls from realtors wanting to list our home. That sort of lit the fire that finally got us moving on getting moved out. The house needed upgraded for sure. But the timing ended up being perfect when it came to the heating and cooling equipment. The old HVAC unit had finally bit the dust. But wow, we got so much quality heating and air from that central air conditioning unit. Thanks to consistent HVAC maintenance, we never once had a heating and cooling outage. The HVAC company was great when it came to replacing the old HVAC unit. We were able to get updated residential HVAC and the new HVAC technology that most buyers wanted. It’s been more than a year now since we moved out of that house. And I’m still at a bit of a loss when it comes to how much money we made on that place.
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