Switching the kind of air filters I always use

After using disposable air filters for what seems like forever now I have to have finally decided that it’s time for me to switch to something that I guess is going to be far more effective.

I decided to switch from the disposable air filters to HEPA filters.

The reason for the switch is I want something that’s going to be far better at getting rid of all the microscopic particles that might be in the air plus causing me to become sick, however unluckily I have suffered from dust irritations for most of my life plus so I have a sensitivity to poor indoor air quality. I have decided that now is the time for me to take control of my indoor air quality plus get an air filter that is going to do the job plus do it respectfully. I went down to the local heating plus A/C store last week plus started looking at all their unusual air filters, while I was there I wanted to take a look at all the unusual kinds of air filters that they had available to see if there was any other chances that I would be willing to consider apart from the HEPA filter. There was simply one plus that was a washable air filter, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as washable air filter but it was great to know that they were there because I might eventually consider giving them a try. I picked up two unusual HEPA filters plus I got ready to use them for the first time. I respectfully installed the first one last week plus I’m waiting to see how it continues to do… Already after only one day I have simply seen a significant difference in my indoor air quality plus so I’m undoubtedly thrilled with how it’s performing so far.

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