The A/C air was warm

Lately it seems like when I turn my heating and air conditioning machine on, it hasn’t been cooling the house.

  • Now I would usually worry about something being wrong with the cooling machine, but I know that is not the case.

Because every time I turn the A/C device on, it turns on immediately, so I know it is not the issue. Then what is the issue? I am no professional heating and A/C worker, and so I decided that I would turn to the professionals. I called a local heating and air conditioning company out, and they sent a HVAC worker to look around my home. It didn’t take the A/C specialist long to figure out the problem. The problem was thankfully minor, it was just that I needed a new refrigerant. That was something that could be done the same day, and so the heating and A/C technician refilled the refrigerant and went on his way. And that seemed to do the trick, because once he was finished I turned my HVAC device back on, and it worked perfectly. As in, it had ice cold air conditioning coming out, and it felt great. Now I know I can face the harsh summer time heat, and have wonderful cooling to make sure I don’t have to feel it. I am glad it was such a simple issue too, and nothing major and expensive. I love having a good quality A/C machine, it really does make life so much better.

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