The heating was simply way too much

Too much of a fantastic thing can make things become bad.

And this was what happened when I obtained a portable space heater.

The real heating coming out of it was way too much! No matter what I would set the little thermostat on it at the heating from the portable space heater was just too much heating. It would make any room I had it in so warm that you had to turn it off and open up the windows to let the frigid cold in. I ended up returning the portable space heater because of this fact and vowed to never get a portable space heater again. The whole reason I did this was to try to save money on energy use and not have to use my central heating and air conditioning’s heater as much. But let me tell you that after experiencing this way too warm portable space heater I just decided that it is better to just pay the extra in energy use because this portable space heater was just way too much heating. They need to do something about this if they want to keep selling portable space heaters these nights. Because I spoke with a few others who got up-to-date portable space heaters and they talked about the same exact issue. Having advancements in heating and air conditioner technology is all fantastic and fine, but when it is way too much you make it become an awful thing. And this is what they need to regulate with today’s portable space heaters.
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