The HVAC system tearing up really spurred me into action

I have been putting off moving in with my long distance boyfriend for about two years now. He keeps asking me and I just keep saying no to him. I never wanted to live with anyone else after my divorce, and I promised myself that I never would. However, I never thought that I would meet anyone like my longtime boyfriend Dave, either. He was different from all of the other guys that I ever met. I could really talk to him and he seemed to understand. No other guy that I’ve ever been with has ever been that way. My ex seemed more like an alien to me than anything else there toward the end of our marriage. My boyfriend now is a really great guy. I think that he is going to be great to live with now I have decided to do it. He says that it’s funny that he finally talked me into moving in with him because of my broken HVAC unit. When it stopped working, I was so annoyed that I decided that I was not going to pay to get it fixed. Instead, I decided to put my entire house up for sale! And that’s when I told my boyfriend that I was coming to move in with him after all. He said that he didn’t care why I said that I would do it, but he was just glad that I was going to! I knew that he had a brand new high efficiency heating and cooling system installed in his house, too. Not only that, but he also has a whole home air purification system. I think that it’s going to be great living with him after all.

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