The walk-in closet had its own HVAC.

I had been a realtor for many years, and I thought I had seen all the oddities that could be seen when listing a house. I was wrong about the oddities, and I realized it when I headed to an older house on the other side of town. The owners called my personal number and asked if I would be interested in selling their home? I headed to their address two days later, and was amazed at the size of the house. It had six bedrooms and seven baths, along with a formal dining room. I couldn’t imagine two people living in that house alone, which is why they were selling. They told me they had a large combined family, and when all nine kids were there, they needed all the space. Now, they wanted to sell the house and buy something smaller. I did my usual walk-through and thought it was all normal until I came to the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. The walk-in closet had its own HVAC system. I stood in the middle of the closet looking at the heating units at the top of the wall. She told me she used the room as solace and her husband put a ductless HVAC inside. There must have been many times when she was seeking peace with nine children in the house. She shrugged and told me she was spoiled. I would call it pampered, having your own HVAC system, but who was I to judge? I thought the HVAC system in a walk-in closet could be a big drawing point for the house.

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